Club Accounts

First Choice Club Accounts are segmented accounts to help you save for big events like Vacation or Christmas.

First Choice FCU Vacation Club

The Vacation Clubs pays out in April. This account is meant for saving for your next “break” from day-to-day grind, and recharge with your friends and family.

First Choice FCU Christmas Club

The Christmas Clubs pay out in October of each year. Christmas Club accounts are meant for saving for that inevitable Christmas list shopping spree that usually results in over-spending (and quite frankly, guilt).

Why are our club accounts so popular?

These accounts are very popular with members that utilize Payroll Deduction or Automatic Transfers. The money grows in these accounts and then is there for you just at the right time. You have limited access to the money until the designated time to encourage you to save. If you choose to close this account prior to the designated times there will be a $20.00 fee for each account.

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