Text-Based Banking (SMS)

At First Choice, we believe technology is supposed to help us make our lives better, more simple, less cluttered; not more difficult.

One of our newest innovations is in using cellphones to speed up you receiving your solutions. This means, specifically, using text-based banking to facilitate banking, loans and more.

How does text-based banking work at First Choice?

Text-based banking allows you to not only call our branches, but to text us your needs. We can offer methods of loan application, data collection for loans for things like paystubs, tax returns and more, plus it provides a lot of convenience. Instead of stopping by a branch, filling out a loan application, having to receive a call to come back to a branch to drop off more paperwork and so on, you instead handle the whole conversation on your phone.

Is it secure?

The team at First Choice usually asks the question of security first when talking about new products, services and technology.

For our text-based banking, we use a system called Eltropy. Eltropy provides digital communications for credit unions – with a focus on security above everything else.

Who do I text? How can I use text-based banking from First Choice?

First Choice actually uses a few numbers for text-based banking. The first is our general questions and answers line. This is (724)652-8393. You can text questions to this number, 24 hours a day, to get basic information.

For instance, if you text “bank hours” to the number above, you will find out our hours for each branch. You can text ‘holiday’ to see our current holidays where the branches may be closed.

What can’t you do from this general number? You cannot start a loan application, get account information and anything else that would be considered private or personal.

But, we also have live tellers…

While the general text-based banking number can only give you passive information, we also have numbers for live tellers.

Our General Loans number allows you to start discussing your loan application or needs immediately. The other numbers are for specific teams at the First Choice branches.

General Loan Number

Erica’s Team

MaryLou’s Team

Maureen’s Team

Susan’s Team