Mobile Deposits

One of the more exciting new features we offer our First Choice membership is mobile deposits. This feature allows you to deposit your checks to your checking account without needing to come to one of our branches to deposit the check.

So, how does it work? And is this for you?

Look, not everyone can be everywhere

The main reason for First Choice using mobile deposits is because we can’t be everywhere, at any one time. You have important things to do, and we get that.

To allow you to take care of the things that you need, without making trip after trip after trip to get everything done, we’ve implemented mobile deposits for your checking account.

How does it work?

First, please remember, you must be a member of First Choice. You can then use your mobile application for mobile deposits.

1 – Log on to your app

The first thing you need to do is log into your mobile application. At the bottom of the application with be a ‘Deposit’ icon.

2 – Select the account and enter your amount

Next, you need to select the account where the check will be deposited. Then, you need to type in the amount of the check in dollars and cents. Also, your check MUST be signed. As well it needs to have the phrase ‘For First Choice FCU Mobile Deposit Only’.

3 – Take a picture of the front

Now you will need to take a picture of the front of the check. Be sure that your check is centered in the black boundaries. As well, please make sure that your check is clearly lit, and in focus.

4 – Take a picture of the back

Now, just flip over your check and take a picture of the back.

5 – Now, just click SUBMIT

The final thing to do is click on the green Submit button. Wait up to one business day for the check to be cleared and deposited into your account. If something goes wrong, you will receive an email with further instructions.

Anything else you should know?

Yes – I’m glad you asked!

Please remember that you check must be signed. Please also know that your check must have written upon it “For First Choice FCU Mobile Deposit Only”.

Next, please note that checks deposited using mobile deposit are capped at a maximum of $2,000. This is not a limit that we can move – it is a boundary of the system itself.

Please also remember, you should keep your checks deposited in this way for up to 7 days before disposing of them – shredding, etc. There may be a problem with the check or the financial institution. Destroying the check before it has fully deposited could lead to further issues.

There are times where some checks cannot be deposited via mobile deposit. We are sorry about this issue, and can help by calling First Choice for help.

If you do experience a problem with your mobile deposit, check your email. There will be further information concerning the problem and how it can be fixed.