Visa Credit Cards

This is a No Annual Fee, Fixed Rate solution to your everyday money management. Credit Cards can be used in so many ways. Let us take a look at just a few ways that a First Choice Federal Credit Union can benefit your individual financial needs:

  • On-line purchases – Visa card offers a $0 Liability to its card members. Meaning, if you shop for something online and your credit card information falls into the wrong hands, and you are charged for products or services that you did not request, you simply call the credit card issuer and file a dispute. While the dispute is decided your funds are not held and your financial life can go one practically uninterrupted. This offers you an additional layer of security and doesn’t potentially tie up the funds in your checking account.
  • Pay in full model – So you don’t keep a good register for your checking account? (Don’t admit that to a credit union representative.) We may have some assistance for you. If you use your credit card not only do you get a statement of your last 30-days of activity to review and categorize your expenses, but you also get the grace period with those purchases provided you pay your card off in full each month. This is a convenient way to manage and categorize your expenses, with the benefit of paying for them all at one time. CAUTION: These expenses can pile up quickly and this is only a benefit to you if you save to pay them off in full by the end of the month.
  • Separate your expenses – Sometimes you want to keep expenses separate for your reasons. Perhaps it is a gift for your spouse that you would like to keep as a surprise until you actually give it to them. Perhaps it is the desire to separate work from home expenses, or expenses associated with kids from those associated with entertainment. Perhaps it is the desire to dedicate a credit card for on-line purchases only. No matter your reason, you may just want to have a separate credit card, a separate statement, a separate accounting of your finances, and a separate credit card can help you accomplish this.
  • Pay for that big ticket item – We offer you multiple solutions to purchase an item(s) at the credit union. However, sometimes you need a little extra buying power. With a low fixed rate credit card and no annual fees, you can use your credit card as a line of credit to delay payment until funds are more readily available. This may not be the wisest long-term financial option, but it does give you immediate buying power. We would love to help you find the right solution for your purchase(s), so at any time feel free to call the credit union to discuss your options.

You can enjoy the buying power of VISA and these other great benefits

Annual FeeNone
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases, Balance Transfers, & Cash Advances12.90%
Grace Period On PurchasesAt least 25 days
Cash Advance FeeNone
Late Payment Fee$15.00
International Assessment Fee$1.00
$250,000 Travel / Accident InsuranceFree

Consider all the possibilities of how to utilize your First Choice Visa Card. Think of using a separate credit card for your exclusive online purchases. Keep your money and your identity safe with a dedicated credit card.

Take advantage of using your credit card’s line of credit to manage your daily finances.

Already a credit card member and would like to review your points? Click here to visit the First Choice Visa Rewards Point website now.