General Services From First Choice

What are some of the services that First Choice Federal Credit Union can offer you?

ACH Depositing

ACH deposits are a means of sending money electronically using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. This is the inter-bank system used by more than 10,000 institutions to coordinate deposit and withdrawal requests involving bank accounts under their control. ACH deposits and payments are usually forms of direct payment as well as direct deposit / payroll deduction.

ATM at each site

ATM (automated teller machine) gives our members access to cash whenever and virtually wherever they would like. Our ATMs are conveniently located across the county, and we are part of a larger national network to cut your costs in using an ATM.

Budget Counseling

Budget counseling allows you to sit with someone, and get all of your finances under more control. While we cannot take control of account to direct you, we can review your accounts, spending and income and suggest specific direction for your spending, investing and saving.

Business Checking Accounts

Did you open a business and want the trust and comfort First Choice gives, but for your business? We offer standard business checking accounts to help you grow in the next step of your financial growth. By the way, congratulations on starting a business!

Cash Advance from your FCFCU VISA

A cash advance against your credit is a low-cost, low-APR method of getting extra cash when you need it. Cash advances levels are set individually per account, with fees and interest rates detailed.

Direct Deposits

At First Choice, you can receive payments from multiple sources including your employer, the state and the federal government. Our system allows for seamless receipt of payments from everything from a paycheck, to your monthly SSI payment.

Full Family and County Membership

At First Choice, you can become a member if you live, work, learn, volunteer or worship in Lawrence County. But what if your wife works in the county, but you don’t? We allow for a sixth method of joining – family. If any family member is a member of FCFCU, you can join. As well, joining on branch gives you access to all of our branches for more convenience.

Money Orders

Money orders are convenient methods of buying things when you need more security than cash, and checks are not accepted.

Notary Services

Members should contact us at (724) 652-8393 to set up an appointment to ensure a notary will be available when they arrive at the branch. First Choice notary services cannot notarize every document, so call to verify that we can help you.

Payroll Deduction

Instead of cashing your checks at 5 after work, why not have them in your account in the morning before work? And, with our new system, your paycheck could be in your account up to two days early!

Safe Deposit Boxes at Main Office

Safe deposit boxes are safe and secure methods of storing your assets. There are restrictions on sizes, contents and hours of accessibility that you should like contact us to discuss.