Reconciliation Sheet

At First Choice, we try to make sure that our members see clear, simple and up-to-date transactions concerning their accounts. From time to time, questions come up by our members concerning their accounts. As well, our more proactive members like to do audits on their accounts.

This is usually referred to as reconciliation of accounts.

What is reconciliation? Do I need it?

Account reconciliation allows you to verify every dollar entering and exiting your account, and why it entered or exited your account(s).

To make things simple, we have created a simple-to-use, easy and basic method of reconciling your First Choice accounts. Download the document below, and follow the instructions.

Download Your Reconciliation Sheet

If you have errors or questions…

First verify additions and subtractions above and in your register. Compare the dollar amount of deposits listed in your register to that of the statement and do the same for withdrawals. If an error is found, please contact our office. While some transactions must be disputed in writing, certain electronic transfer disputes must be completed within a specified time frame, or regardless of error, there can be no recovery. It is important that we hear from you as soon as possible to start the proper process.