Savings Accounts

Long-term savings are also called shared accounts.

By making and maintaining your initial $10 deposit, you are a member of First Choice Federal Credit Union and “Share” in the membership and ownership of your credit union. A member in good standing with a Share Account is eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting, and even run for a Director position. Share Accounts pay a quarterly dividend. We love serving our membership look forward to serving you.

Also, we understand having a savings account is a good start, we also recommend having more than one (yes, with us you can!). Having a second emergency fund for an unforeseen car repair expense. Maybe you should open a third for an unexpected medical cost (another good reason for building an emergency fund).

Whatever you savings goals are, and whatever your methods and tactics are for achieving them, we are here to help!

For more information, call us today at (724)652-8393 or email us at our Contact Us page to get started.